vana furniture

vana is the result of more than 89 years of efforts and continuity.

Vana is the result of more than 89 years of efforts and continuity of the Vana family in creating and maintaining a new market in Iraq. This effort has always been associated with entrepreneurial thinking, expansion, prosperity and improving the quality of life. In this family we are always trying to make the work and living spaces more pleasant environment by creating a suitable space for human beings. We are aware that we must adjust the course of life, to accompany the new generation of audiences, the new generation will figure out how to continue. In the last decade, the innovations in the world have been so dramatic and rapid that they have overshadowed every brand. In 2014, Vana changed its path of progress towards modernity and alignment with the modern world.

The fundamental changes of the Vana brand, both in appearance and in performance, presented a new perspective in Iraq to the audience in this industry. Selecting new and diverse products from the best, most up-to-date and high-quality manufacturers in different countries, developing and implementing new methods of marketing, sales, after-sales service and public relations, as well as creating more access for consumers by opening Vana showrooms in the country are new steps that Vana Group has taken to spread this long-standing name. The construction of the largest furniture showroom in the Middle East in Erbil, Iraq, called "Vana Eden", is one of the greatest achievements of the Vana Group in recent years and will open in a few years.

Emad Mekdad Alnajar