I am Emad Mekdad Jalal Al-Najar, born in Qalat district in Erbil, Iraq. My grandfather, Haj Jalal Al-Najar, first started carpentry in 1934 to make his personal dreams come true in a 15 square meters workshop in the suburbs of Erbil Citadel. This is how “Najar Maher” emerged as the first name of Vana group 80 years ago. After years of activity, my grandfather focused on making furniture and became a success story. Then, he changed Najar Maher to “Sinbad Furnitue”.

Years later, his eldest son, my father, Haj Mekdad Jalal Al-Najar took his place. He commenced business with Baghdad and Mosul, and later with Turkey, Japan and China. As operation became bigger and bigger Sinbad Furniture was renamed Vana in 1986. Sadly, in 1995 my father died out of sickness, and thus I officially occupied his place at the age of twenty, though I had worked with my father shoulder to shoulder during my school years. Here my path instigated. The path which launched with renovating different buildings is still runningmore powerfully.

Then, I have developed furniture business by focusing on import. I have established communications with more countries, brought about more new things and kept on moving forward. I have always been looking for ways to uphold family principles, hardworking traditions of my grandfather, fatherand myself. This path was the beginning of different ways of our brand. In 2000, the preconditions of this path were fulfilled. This decision was not a personal one, but could be a distinctive point for this organization in Iraq. I always sought to establish a different organization in Iraq; reputable and prestigious organization for the best brands of the furniture in the international markets.

My goals have been clear. Following 60 years of family background learning and studying, and considering the latest rules of branding and trade in the hghest level of international trade, I wanted to build the biggest mechanized warehouses with highest standards. My second goal was to launch connected shops all over Iraq to provide the best and highest quality, the most appropriate price and distinctive services. I do believe that these goals are the basis for development of my country. Besides, my dream and what I am thinking about all the time have been to build the biggest furniture center not only in Iraq but also in the entire region. I do believe this goal will come true in the upcoming years. I shall thank Allah for being born to a family of businessmen so that I can learn the basics of trade firsthand. These basics shall force Vana group and Emad Mekdad Holding to move forward.