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We at Vana Furniture see it as our mission to understand the various signals conveyed by rooms and buildings, and to then guide and improve these. We therefore firmly believe that rooms intended for learning and teaching in should be designed to stimulate thought processes and creativity. Rooms can be loud or quiet; they can be extravagant or reserved; simple or expressive. But only if they inspire the people in them to think and be creative, are they effective. Effectively-planned, well-styled rooms serve to support teaching methods, to provide high ergonomic quality and to set the respective organization apart from other institutions.

Vana Furniture has been developing functional, inspiring concepts and products from 1934. Our research activities within the field of education have brought forth many innovative solutions that both promote future-oriented teaching methods and make optimum use of the space available. New trends and new ways of working, are thus given a means of expression in your rooms and your style of décor.

School Furniture

We are online suppliers of quality school furniture for school, nurseries, colleges, universities, academies, laboratories, research programmes and organisations and training facilities. With a range of educational furniture available including storage units for all purposes, desks and tables, chairs and stools, canteen furniture, classroom furniture, laboratory tables and lab stools, a range of folding furniture and so much more for sale, you’ll be sure to find what you need.

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Educational place

School Chair

The requirement of a school chair is comfort and lightness. Most students need comfortable chairs for long-term use. Vana Furniture is always trying to provide students with the best seats suitable for learning places.

Educational zones and Varying teaching methods

Learning is a social activity that can take place in a variety of locations beyond the confines of the classroom. Communicative room structures are therefore of central importance. Meeting zones encourage chance communication, inspire new ideas and facilitate the spontaneous exchange of information. And in order to intensify their appeal and their use, such zones need to be given an attractive design and décor.

Modern lessons are varied in structure, comprising both the imparting and the independent acquisition of knowledge. Indeed, typical lessons nowadays will often involve the teacher or trainer alternating between, for instance, lecture-style teaching, individual and group teaching, relaxed classroom discussions, and project work. In order for rooms to be suitable for such purposes, they need to be flexibly structured and provide scope for such spontaneous alternation.

School closet

Student desk

School closet

Slim Line Legs

Slim Line curved legs for pleasing aesthetics


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