I am Emad Mekdad Jalal Al-Najar, born in Qalat district in Erbil, Iraq. My grandfather, Haj Jalal Al-Najar, first started carpentry in 1934 to make his personal dreams come true in a 15 square meters workshop in the suburbs of Erbil Citadel.This is how “Najar Maher” emerged as the first name of Vana group 80 years ago. After years of activity, my grandfather focused on making furniture and became a success story. Then, he changed Najar Maher to “Sinbad Furniture”.


the first handmade furniture manufacturing and selling shop was opened in Erbil.


he moved to Baghdad and opened a shop for manufacturing and
selling furniture in the Salhiya district.


He moved to Erbil in 1939 and opened a furniture manufacturing
shop in the Erbil Castle area under the name (Maher Carpentry).


the name of the shop was changed to Sindbad Furniture.


several new shops were established in Erbil under the name
(Sindbad Furniture) in Pata Street and Hamama Al-Salam area.


the business administration was transferred to Mr. Mekdad Jalal
Al-Najjar (1949-1995), and the business style was
changed by expanding the shops to a company system and
introducing new lines of business. This was achieved by relying
on the import of raw materials for carpentry work from global
sources and introducing new techniques in craft work and converting it into a mechanical system by introducing equipment and
machines for the manufacture of office and home furniture.


the name of the shops was changed to (Vana Furniture House).


The death of Hajj Mekdad Al-Najjar and the transition of the
management of the institution to Hajj Emad Mekdad Al-Najjar
(the eldest son).


Establishment of a commercial complex on Bata Street.


Opening of a new branch for Vana Company.


Opening of warehouses for Vana Company with a capacity of 122
containers of 40 feet size in the Kurdistan Region. Establishment
of Vana for International Transport.


Opening of the Vana Mall commercial complex (5 floors) with a
building area of 12500 square meters.


Establishment of Broutime Iraq Company.


Opening of a new branch for Vana outside the region (Mosul).
Establishment of Hajj Mekdad Al-Najjar Charity Group.
Establishment of Vcare Company for office furniture maintenance


Restructuring the internal system and adopting an advanced
operating plan according to international standards for Emad
Mekdad Holding Group.


Starting the design of the largest project in the region (for furniture
and office equipment) for Vana Company (5 floors) with a building
area of 37,000 square meters.


Opening of a new branch in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.
Completion of the construction of the Vana production factory.
All factory departments work at their full capacity under one roof with
high-tech machinery. We have paid special attention to the quality of
work in addition to the comfort of the employee and the customer.
Now, the Vana Group is capable of producing any type of indoor furniture to make workspaces more comfortable.


Opening of Vana Company warehouses in Baghdad with a
capacity of 50 containers.


Starting the Vana Towers project, which includes 6 residential
and commercial towers in Erbil.
Establishment of VJOY Company for office accessories.
Establishment of Vana Agency for advertising consultations and designs.
Opening of Vana Exclusive exhibition in Erbil