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Vana Is The Result Of More Than 89 Years Of Efforts And Continuity Of The Vana Family In Creating And Maintaining A New Market In Iraq. This Effort Has Always Been Associated With Entrepreneurial Thinking, Expansion, Prosperity And Improving The Quality Of Life. In This Family We Are Always Trying To Make The Work And Living Spaces More Pleasant Environment By Creating A Suitable Space For Human Beings. We Are Aware That We Must Adjust The Course Of Life, To Accompany The New Generation Of Audiences, The New Generation Will Figure Out How To Continue.

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Workplace Design

Changing your office look more than simply choosing a new desk or chair, it’s an exciting opportunity to rethink how your workplace reflects your company. Furniture choice and layout directly impacts the workplace environment, and creating an inspirational, welcoming space is key to staff productivity and morale. Make your office space stand out for the right reasons and be recognised for quality, efficiency and clever use of space.

Computer Desk

Suitable for office workers


Manager Desk

Suitable for the CEO’s room

Library and file

Double and multi-story filing.


guest table

Suitable for receiving and waiting for guests

educational furniture

ntroducing our high-end stackable classroom desk, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of university environments. As a leading school furniture supplier, we understand the importance of creating versatile and functional spaces that inspire learning and collaboration. Our stackable classroom desk is designed to enhance the educational experience of university students while adding a touch of sophistication to any classroom setting. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, our high-end desk boasts a sleek and modern design that effortlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The clean lines and contemporary finish lend an air of professionalism to the classroom, creating an environment that encourages focus and productivity.

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vana exclusive

office furniture luxury

Where Timeless Luxury Meets Professional Excellence Welcome to Vana Exclusive, your gateway to a world of timeless luxury and unparalleled craftsmanship in classic office furniture. As a distinguished luxury furniture brand, we take immense pride in offering an exquisite collection tailored to meet the discerning needs of governmental and vast corporate entities. Our pieces reflect a harmonious blend of classic design and contemporary sensibilities, ensuring an ambiance of sophistication and professionalism in every workspace. At Vana Exclusive, we understand that first impressions matter. That's why our expert artisans meticulously handcraft each piece using the finest materials, ensuring durability and style that withstand the test of time. From elegant executive desks that command respect to refined boardroom tables that inspire collaboration, our bespoke solutions allow you to create a workspace that embodies your organization's vision and values. Elevate your office with our exclusive range and experience the epitome of luxury in classic office furniture.

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The latest activity of the group is the combination of V (beginning of Vana) and Care. The name implies the philosophy of permanent services and close relationship with customers. Vcare shall break the normal boundaries of service provision. Our aim is to have permanent satisfaction of customers and make them believe that Vana is loyal irreplaceably. Different plans of Vcare are prepared for different level of services. A collection of integrated activities with aim of complete satisfaction of innovative organizations have made Vana as their only choice.

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